Sunday, March 2, 2014


I went on a retreat this past weekend with my University Group. To say that I was blessed by this weekends experience would be an understatement. We spent a lot of time practicing spiritual disciplines and different types of prayer--all very unique and all things I had never really done before. As I spent a lot of time in prayer, thought, and practicing different spiritual disciplines, here are some thoughts: 

I'm done thinking that there is a right way to come to God.
I'm done thinking that all my questions have to be answered in order for me to experience His power.
I'm done thinking that my status before God is based upon my actions and deeds. 
I'm done thinking that I have to look right, talk right, and be right before God will take a second look at me. 
I'm done thinking that I need to get myself together before God longs to have a relationship with me. 
I'm done finding my identity in perfection, success, achievements, and performance. 
I'm done thinking that I am in control of my life. 
I'm done thinking that there is a right way to come to God. 

"Come to me, all you who are weary and heavy-laden and I will give you rest."

Come in the morning with my hair a mess, my eyes struggling to stay open, wrapped up in blankets.
Come with dirty dishes in the sink, my room a mess, and the garbage can overflowing.
Come with my mind wandering, my planners and agendas, and the stress of a thousand things to do.
Come weak and come weary, because He is enough.

Come broken.
Come wide-awake.
Come shattered.
Come whole. 

Come excitedly.
Come out of duty.
Come burdensome.
Come loved. 

Come and just sit. 
Be silent.
Find rest.

Or come and yell.
Talk, and let it all out.

Come and praise.
Declare worth. 

Come fearful.
Come joyful.
Come angry.
Come open.
Come jealous.
Come pure.

Come bitter.
Come thankful.
Come distant.
Come confused.
Come hopeful.
Come filled with grief.
Come faithfully.

Come to the God that welcomes the imperfect.
The outcasts.
The failures.
The skeptics.
The busy.
The weary.
The sick.
The burdened.
The prideful.
The doubtful.
The hopeless.
The overwhelmed.
The sinners.

Whatever the condition of my heart: He looks at me saying, "there, that one--my child, my beloved, my friend...COME."

There's not a right way to come.
There's not a right way to experience His presence.
The only thing He asks is that I come, that we come. 
And it's when we come, that we will find rest. 

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