Wednesday, November 6, 2013

God with us.

God is with us. 
He is here.
In this moment. 
He's not some far away Father who sits in the sky.
He's not some distant being that we can't get close to.
He is very real.
And present.
And here. 
He is Emmanuel--God with us.

God wants to be with us because he loves us. 
Not because we appear to have it altogether. 
Or because we do all the right things. 
He loves us--how we are in this moment and He will continue to simply be with us. 

We have been redeemed for no other reason than to be with God.
He delights in us. 
He wants to walk with us. 
Not because of anything we can do to earn his love--but simply because we exist and He is love. 

The very nature of God is Emmanuel--God with us. 
He wants to hold our hands. 
And guide us. 
He wants to be in our steps. 
And our thoughts. 
And our hearts. 

We are co-heirs with Christ. 
Children of the Most High King.
We have been bought with a price. 
And we are God's friends. He calls us his friends. 

God longs to share life with us--to be with us. 
We have been made in the perfect image of God. 
And we carry the name of the cross as people who walk with God. 

He is in our bodies. 
We carry around with us something true, something divine. 
He is alive. 
He is here. 
He is active. 

So don't think for one minute that God has abandoned you--because He is here. 

May our words and our actions and the ways in which we love those around us be evidence of the One who is here living in our midst. 
We are the hands, mouths, feet, ears, and heart of Jesus walking around on this earth. 

May we love wholeheartedly because He is here. 
May we forgive because He is here. 
May we extend grace because He is here. 
May we honor one another over ourselves because He is here. 

The mighty work of Christ in our hearts, moment by moment, is powerful.
Because of His presence, we are being redeemed. 
Because He is active, we are overcoming--every second of every day. 

God is here. 
He is Emmanuel. 
He is with us.

And the coolest thing of all: He has promised us that He will never, ever leave. 



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