Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Kingdom

The Kingdom of God is not a group of perfect people.
 It's not a list of rules. 
And it's not a moral standard to live by.
It's real life and real relationships with real people. 
It's meeting people where they are at. 
It's choosing light over darkness.
It's choosing love over hate. 

The Kingdom of God is a treasure--a treasure in a field that is worth far more than anything else. 
It's laughter. 
And it's love. 
The Kingdom of God is a sky filled with stars--away from the busyness of life. 
It's standing on a mountain--realizing the journey was worth it.
And it's a small, tiny seed that will one day grow into a big tree. 

The Kingdom of God is friendships that are worth dying for. 
It's to love and be loved, with no judgement, no despair. 
And it's a sacrafice of yourself. 
The Kingdom of God is the power of family. 
It's a compassion so rare that the world is made better because of it. 
And it's seeking out other people--with no pressure or requirement other than the fact that the other person is valued and loved by the Highest King. 

The Kingdom of God is every moment in our lives.
It gives us very small, but sweet tastes of what God really hand in mind. 
It's snow.
And hugs.
And tears.

The Kingdom of God is holding on so tightly, that to be in the presence of God is our greatest desire. 
It's wisdom.
And peace. 
And joy.
And hope. 

The Kingdom of God is walking hand in hand. 
It's dreaded conversations, but nescessary ones.
And it's redemption.
The Kingdom of God is learning to love even better, even in our weakest moments. 
It's boldness.
And it's forgiveness.

The Kingdom of God is a love that seeks justice for all people.
It's innocence.
And it's wholeness.
The Kingdom of God is the already but not yet.
It's no more weeping.
No more tears.
No more mourning.
And no more sorrow.
No more sadness.
And no more brokenness.

The Kingdom of God allows us to love with reckless abandon.
It's us telling ourselves no, and saying yes to the least of these.
And it's finding restoration and healing.
The Kingdom of God is the ability to experience authenticity.
It's the power to love the unlovable.
And it's the strength to give, give, and keep giving.

The Kingdom of God takes our lives just where they are at, no matter how broken, and uses them as instruments for good in this world.
It's the capacity to engage a world of lost people, providing them with hope.
And it's the most life-giving place in which grace can be extended.

Let's be a people who stops trying to get everything right by ourselves. 
Let's lean on each other.
Let's be the church.
Let's grow in community together.
Let's be a light. 
Let's be the Kingdom. 
Let's change the world by how we love.

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