Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lord, break our hearts.

Horrific events seem to be happening more and more often--or maybe my awareness of them is simply increasing. 

And by horrific I mean anything that is not of God: selfishness, hatred, violence, godlessness, wickedness, impurity, lust, injustice, oppression, war, envy, dishonesty, lack of integrity, lack of mercy, lack of love, pride, greed, murder, adultery, drunkenness  foolishness, and the list could go on and on and on...

But whatever the case may be, I find my heart breaking on a daily basis. 
I find myself in tears for the loss and hurt that people around me are experiencing. 
I find myself on my knees begging and pleading for people that I don't even know and for people that I love deeply.
I feel confused, and torn, and shattered. 
And I am growing more and more impatient as I await the return of my Savior because the evil that exists in this world only seems to be increasing  
And I long for a day that this suffering, pain and sorrow will be no more. 

The godlessness, the oppression, the injustice, the unholiness, and fallen nature of the human heart continues to astound me. But my heart is made up of all of those things, so I don't know why I am so astounded at the actions of others. 

But something like what happened at the Boston Marathon on Monday happens and caps it all off--leaving me on my knees in tears once again--pleading and petitioning at the feet of Jesus.

But it's in pleading and petitioning at his feet--that I am filled with a peace that I cannot even begin to comprehend. 
Even in the midst of evil, God is still good. 
Even in the darkness, His light shines. 
Even in the brokenness, there is healing.
Even in the fallenness, He is there lifting us up, redeeming, and creating. 

I've wondered why these things have been breaking my heart more than they used to--and it's because these things break HIS heart. Lord, break our hearts for what breaks Yours. 

While God did allow Satan to rule the world--God has not abandoned us. 
While mankind has gone astray--God is in the process of redeeming us back to Him.
While the condition of the human heart is horrific--God still sent His son to die for us.

While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. 

My prayer is that we expose the evil things of this world and bring them to light. As God continues to break my heart over and over and over agin, I pray that He breaks yours. I pray that we never become numb to the pain and hurting around us. But I also pray that we never let the hurting overshadow the joy that we can experience in Christ alone.

I pray that the evil in this world leads us to action. I pray it leads us to love. I pray it leads us to grace. I pray it leads us to Jesus. 

The Light will overcome the darkness. That's the hope I am trusting in, and I pray it is the hope you are trusting in; day by day, moment by moment. 

When we don't understand the events that happen in this world, let us hold more tightly and more firmly to the love of God. Lord, let Your love consume our hearts. 

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