Monday, December 10, 2012

Simple Faith

As you probably already know, I have the privilege to work for an organization here in Abilene called House of Faith. I have the amazing opportunity to share the love of Jesus to children--I couldn't ask for a better way to spend my afternoons! 

Tonight, I got to take 2 of the 6 year old boys that I work with, Jerome and Damarion, to chick-fil-a, wal mart, my house, and a children's production that the theatre department at ACU put on. 

I don't really know a lot about the homes these kids come from. However, I can easily say it is not the best of situations. I also don't really know how much these two boys listen at bible club. They are usually talking or misbehaving the majority of the time during House of Faith. I am always amazed when they ask me questions, because it seems as though they are not even listening in the first place. 

Over the past several weeks, one of these boys, Damarion, has been asking lots of questions. There is a cross with a crown of thorns hanging from it in the classroom that we have bible club in whenever it is cold outside. He asked me what the crown of thorns was and I told him that Jesus wore that while he hung on the cross. He asked me why Jesus had to be nailed to a cross and I told him that he had to be crucified in order that we may live. It was all part of a plan that we will never fully understand. He asked me what this 'plan' is and I told him that we, as humans, messed up; we sinned. We turned against God. And in order for us to ever be with God again, Jesus had to come and die for us. Jesus had to come and take our place. Our sin deserves death, but Jesus came, and he willingly took our place, in love. Love paid it all for us. And Jesus has promised us that he is going to come back to earth--he will take those that believe in him with him to live eternally in heaven. It seemed as though Damarion was in shock when I told him this. All he had to say was, "Man, Jesus must really love us a lot! I love Jesus, and I love you, Ms. Amy." 

What if I was really in awe of Jesus as Damarion is? 

At House of Faith, we have been talking about the unseen enemy, the devil, and how there is a war being waged for our souls. The devil is a very real thing, and we must put our armor of God on in order to defend us from the devil. 

Tonight in the car, Damarion brought the subject up. He told me that he had been wearing his armor all week to protect himself from the devil. 

While Damarion was talking, I heard Jerome in the background singing the song: You never let go by Matt Redman. 

The lyrics he was singing was were:
"Oh no, You never let go, through the calm and through the storm."

I told Jerome that I liked the song he was singing and that I had it on my iphone. So, I put the song on to play in the car and we listened to it on our way to chick fil a. 

Later in the evening, Jerome said, "Man, God really does never let go of us!" and he asked that we listen to the song on the way back home. 

What if I clang to this simple truth that God will never let us go like Jerome?

These moments and conversations with these children are ones that I never want to forget. Sometimes, I wish I could have faith as simplistic as these children do. I wish that I didn't have to make my faith something so complicated, and could instead, like these 2 boys, trust and hope in God one moment at a time. 

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  1. This is so precious! What a great lesson from two little kids.