Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Life: Make It Count

The past few days have been a resounding reminder of the sacredness of life. My great uncle passed away of a sudden stroke. A professor here at ACU unexpectedly passed on. 2 students from Coppell, the town I was an intern at this summer, very recently died.

Things like this happen and I don't understand it. It just doesn't make sense to me. And then I remember that if I knew why God let things happen, the mystery of God would be lost. God is a mysterious being, and I would be put in a very scary place if I had him figured out.

And all of these situations have been reminding me, I am not even guaranteed next week, tomorrow, or even the next second. My life could be gone the snap of a finger.

So, instead of asking questions like...
Why did God let this happen?
Where is God in this situation?
Why now?
Why would God let something so evil happen?

We should be asking questions like...
I'm not guaranteed tomorrow, so how can I make my life count?
How can I show love to the needy TODAY?
How can I extend grace THIS HOUR?
How can serve someone this VERY SECOND?

Instead of searching for why God let's people die, we should be searching for how to make our lives count for something.

So often I reflect on my day thinking, I could have loved more, I could have been more caring, I could have been more intentional, I could have been more gracious, I could have served someone in need.

What if my day was focused on more than just getting through school?
What if my day wasn't just fixed on getting from one place to another?

What if I took a minute to STOP...


And intentionally do everything I can to love Jesus with everything I have, every second of every day.

If we go through our lives and are not intentional, what's the point? We so often forget that our lives are only a vapor compared to the eternal life we shall receive.  Instead of focusing so hard on the things of this world, what would it look like to truly live focused solely on Christ?

My challenge for you and myself especially is to use Today--use every day to extend grace, love, and mercy--and to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Make your life count and always treat people as though it's your last day. Love with everything you have.

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