Monday, July 30, 2012

Love Never Fails

In 13 days, I will be leaving my youth internship at Riverside Church of Christ. I am very saddened by this. The Lord has been working and moving in my heart in very bold and powerful ways this summer. It's weird to me that I didn't even plan on doing a youth internship this summer. I had every intention of going off to Ukraine to work with world wide witness. However, things happened and the Holy Spirit took control and led me here. And for a good reason--I would not trade this internship, the relationships formed, and the things learned for anything. Looking back, it's cool to see that the Lord led me right to the place I was meant to be. Crazy how that works.

It's been such a blessing to me to have the opportunity to walk alongside students and just share life with them, and in that Jesus is glorified. Through different service experiences, worship times, conversations, bible studies, times at camp, and much more, my heart has been broken down and rebuilt into a greater image of God's son.

They always say that when you do things such as youth internships, you will always be just as impacted if not more than the kids you serve. I never understood what that meant until I experienced it this summer. The Lord is good! I cannot even think of words to express how blessed I have been to know the students, staff, and parents here. As much as I have been told that I have impacted the lives of students, they have impacted my heart so much more. It's crazy how that goes both ways. And what a blessing it is to see the affect of God's love on people.

The thing I have been convicted of most this summer is simply taking God at his word every single day. I try so hard to figure out what I am going to do with the rest of my life. I want so bad for God to just let his plan for my life unfold. But what I forget so often is that I am not guaranteed tomorrow. I am not even guaranteed the next minute, the next second. And so the requirement for me is not to figure out what my entire life looks like, but to simply live and love in the moment. If I can just make an impact on someone by loving them today, then I have lived out what the Lord has asked me. I often forget that I am living out what the Lord has called me to now, right this very second.

We just need to open up our eyes to what's around us and see how the Lord is working. I am thankful, so thankful that I don't have to look very far to see the Lord working. I have been put in a place this summer where all I have to do is turn around and see the face of a student, and the Lord is there. I am blessed, so blessed.

 This internship has taught me to seek God. Seek Him with all your heart. He wants you, he desperately wants you, but you have to pursue Him. It's when you seek Him with all of your heart that you will find Him. The more passionately we fall in love with our Maker, the easier everything becomes. The stresses of this world, the questions of our future, the uncertainties, the all makes sense and becomes known when we are in constant communion with our Lord. Sometimes we forget that...I know I forget that. It's in passionately pursuing the Lord that we know how to love others. His love teaches us how to love. When our hearts are filled with Him and only Him, we have the confidence to really live--to love without holding back. Sometimes we want to build up walls, not only between us and God, but between us and others. But when we are filled with the Lord, those walls come falling to the ground.

So, as my internship comes to a close. I am sad, so very sad. But I am also so happy and joyful that I have built relationships that are full of love: relationships that are not over just because the summer ends. I am so thankful that I have been given the opportunity to experience something new and to have my eyes opened to what it means to love. It all comes down to love. Love never fails. My heart is overflowing with love because of what the Holy Spirit has done in my heart this summer. I could not be more thankful for what the Lord has done in my life, not only this summer, but through every event and encounter that led me to this point. The Lord is so good!!!!

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