Thursday, May 17, 2012

Community in Christ

I have had this past week off. I have been done with school for nearly a week now and have been at home enjoying time here in Sugar Land, with people that I love dearly. I've had a lot of good solitude time; time to reflect, pray, and prepare myself for what lies ahead in the next few months of my life. I've had time to recharge and focus in the light of the Spirit. I have spent a lot of time reflecting this week on how the Lord has worked in my life over the past semester, but really, over the last several years.

I started thinking: where have I seen God the most? What situations, what places, what circumstances has God been most evident? It all boiled down to this: Relationships.

Relationships. Relationships. Relationships. Real, authentic relationships. Relationships are where I discover God's love for me. It is through genuine friendship that I understand the call of Jesus on my life. It is through searching and seeking the Lord with other people, that I know what it means to serve my Savior with my whole heart.

Community teaches me love.
Community teaches me grace.
Community teaches me mercy.
Community teaches me joy.
Community teaches me peace.
Community teaches me faithfulness.

Relationships with other people only exist through Christ. No similarity that I have with any other individual is what bonds me to them; but rather, we are bonded together because of what Christ has done for each of us.

It seems that a lot of people tend to focus on their own personal relationship with God. The majority of commandments given to Christians in the new testament were given to the church as a whole, not individuals. Real, genuine fellowship, community, and relationships are crucial to understanding the call that Christ has on our lives.

Fellowship with other Christians exists not because of anything of our own accord, but because of the grace of Christ alone.

It is through community that I learn to love & know the heart of Christ:
When a watch a fellow Christian mess up, I am taught how to forgive and love.
When a fellow Christian watches me mess up, I am shown the love and acceptance of Christ.
When I study the word with fellow Christians, I see not what I want to see, but the word of the Lord.
By seeing how God is working in the lives of fellow Christians, I grow in my understanding of who God is and learn to love Him more.
When I know the needs of my fellow Christians, I can actively learn to love like Jesus.
When I worship my Savior with fellow Christians, I am affirmed in my belief.
I can share my talents and experiences with other Christians to spur them on in their faith.

In my life, I have seen God the most in community.
I have seen his face in relationships.
It is through relationships with other people that I can begin to fathom God's great love for me.

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